About Us

RSE Electronics is a leading retailer of electronic components and FUNKITS. We make electronics as simple as possible for any hobbyist, professional, student or teacher. All stock listed on the website are stored at our shop and can be purchased online and in store.


Leaders In The South African D.I.Y Electronic Industry


RSE Electronics was established in 1970 in Johannesburg. Currently we have a office and distribution centre in
Johannesburg, ensuring a speedy, high quality service to our customers in South Africa and our neighboring
countries. We are the sole manufactures and distributers of FUNKITS in South africa.


Amongst our customers are Schools, Univrsities, Technikons, Security Specialist, Telkom, Casinos, Electricians,
Electronic Engineers and the Electronic Hobbyyist.

The FUNKITS range was developed to introduce a well-priced electronic kit which offers the best in quality and superior documentation. The range is also continually complimented by introducing new popular designs and improvements to existing kits. THE FUN WAY TO LEARN ELECTRONICS.

We manufacturer transformers, and stock over 20,000 different electronics items. We are supplied of 12v to
220v inverters, battery chargers, power supplies, sirens, sound devices, strobes, remotes, receivers, CCTV,
and cabling. The finest range of Amplifier kits including HI-FI Loud speaker kits, our well
known Classic Series Pre-Amplifier Kit, 120w and 250w Mosfet Amplifier Kits. A new addition
to our amp range is the LM3886 68 watt “Clone” High Power Stereo Amplifier Kit.


What We Offer

At RSE we do not only offer the widest range of enthusiast electronic components and kits , We also provide assistance maintenance and repairs of all electronic components.

We carry hundreds of educational electronic kits as well as professional modules which are suitable for all levels from beginners to electronic kits to seasoned kit builders. Most Electronic Kits are also available as fully assembled and tested which are great for OEM use or for when you don’t have time to assemble the kit yourself.

We offer an excellent service on repairs of high quality speakers and provide a PC Board manufacturing service single or double sided. PC Board assembling is also undertaken.

Weather you are serious about your sound or just a electronic hobby enthusiast RSE is the store for you!



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