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The 16x2 LCD Shield with Keypad is a basic Arduino Shield expansion that can attach directly onto existing Arduino Board projects, adding an LCD screen and 5-button interface to control or otherwise utilize your projects independently from laptops or PCs. By using a Hitachi HD44780 LCD white text on blue background screen, this Shield is the ideal investment for Makers and hobbyists who want to take their Arduino projects out into the world for experimentation – or just for showing off. J

This Shield is very easy to program and uses the standard Arduino IDE Sketches under , ensuring that anyone from beginner to master can enjoy genuine value for money with this purchase. And with a simple 5-button interface controlling UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT and SELECT, this Shield really couldn’t easier to install and utilize – to make your Arduino projects even better.

The screen itself consists of 1602 white characters and is capable of displaying up to 2 lines of 16 characters at a time, or can be programmed to display matrices of pixels for custom-coded graphics. And while there are five control buttons, they use a clever 5-stage voltage divider, meaning that all five buttons can be powered and controlled via an ADC channel on a single analog pin. The backlight can also be controlled for situations in which battery saving is important, and can be adjusted via an on-board potentiometer at the top of the board.


  • Display Type

– Hitachi HD44780 Liquid Crystal

  • LCD Display

– Hitachi HD44780

  • Operating Voltage

– 5V

  • Interface Control Buttons

– 5 (Up, Down, Left, Right, Select)

  • Additional Buttons

– 1 x RST (Reset Arduino Program)

  • Library Utilization

– LCD4Bit Library

  • Dimension

– 58mm x 80mm



  • Analog 0

– Button (select, up, right, down and left)

  • Digital 4

– DB4

  • Digital 5

– DB5

  • Digital 6

– DB6

  • Digital 7

– DB7

  • Digital 8

– RS (Data or Signal Display Selection)

  • Digital 9

– Enable

  • Digital 10

– Backlight Control



While the 16x2 LCD Shield with Keypad isn’t necessarily a revolutionary product, it can certainly be very valuable for Makers, hobbyists, electronics enthusiasts or even fashion designers who understand the benefits it can offer. Aside from providing an easy-to-use and simple user interface, it also removes the previous limitations of Arduino projects needing to be attached to a computer or other user interface. As such, typical projects involving this LCD Shield include:

  • Building a “News Watcher” accessory that connects to the internet, keeps track of RSS feeds (or tweets) and current events, and then displays the important ones to you while you’re on the go.
  • Giving a voice-less robot an interface to ‘talk’ and communicate to you – sharing needs or curiosities with you.
  • Designing an interface for complex science or art displays or exhibitions, bringing in a new level of interactivity to your projects.

The portability that this Shield offers not only allows you to take your projects out into the world with you, but also allows for other people to interact with your project in an easy way – making it invaluable for art, science or electronics exhibitions or displays. And with all of these benefits at such an affordable price, it’s no surprise why these are some of the commonly bought Arduino Shields in the world.

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